Month: January 2006

Search Engine Optimisation Are You Selecting the Right Keywords?

Selecting keywords to drive website traffic to your site is a very crucial point in search engine optimisation. Many people believe selecting keywords with the [...]

How to Assemble a PC for Use as a Home Server

This is an adaptation of How to Assemble a PC originally posted at Extreme Tech Support. It is always a good idea to have a server at home to test out new [...]

Backing Up Your Data With cwRsync and sync2nas

One of the most crucial tasks facing an admin is backing up your data. Many admins work very hard at keeping the servers running at peak performance and [...]

Windows: Installing MYSQL

Now that you have PHP installed it's time to install mysql. Mysql is the database server of choice for just about all forum software packages that run on PHP [...]

Windows: Installing PHP

While many admins choose Linux with Apache as their server software of choice there is an alternative. Windows and IIS. This tutorial will show you how to [...]

Choosing and Managing Your Team

Getting people you can trust to help you run your community can be the single biggest problem an admin can have. Promoting users that you can work with is not [...]

Review: vBulletin

vBulletin is the software of choice for thousands of communities. vBulletin began its life in April of 2000 when John Percival and Jelsoft released the first [...]