Author: BSchwarz

Howto: Converting from vBulletin to IP.Board

I am getting ready to convert Computer Help Forums from vBulletin to IPB. This is in a way a more complex change because the users use the album feature [...]

vBulletin 4 Gold Review: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I have one site running the new vBulletin Gold Suite. The site was closed so I decided it would be a perfect test bed. It had a few users and a few posts [...]

Review: vBulletin 4

If you've been following me @ twitter or on this site you know I am converting my sites slowly from vBulletin to IP.Board. I did upgrade one vBulletin license [...]

Converting from vBulletin to Invision Power Board

All my community sites are powered by vBulletin. I've been using vBulletin for 9 years. I was an early adopter after the mess that happened with UBB in the [...]

Introducing Windows 8 Forums

I have added a new site to the technology network. The site will focus on Windows 8 which will be the next version of Windows after Windows 7. Windows 8 [...]

Don’t Buy vBulletin Skins From CompleteVB

Update: August 9TH, 2009 My access to download was restored by Matt. I don't know why it took so long to resolve this issue, but, I am glad it is over. I [...]

Scribble Board is Born

I'm on a roll. I had an extra vbulletin license from a site I recently closed and decided to start a new community. Thus Scribble Board was born. Scribble [...]

Illinois Forum Opens – The Community for Illinois Residents to Chat

I just added Illinois Forum - Illinois Chat and Discussions to the network. Illinois Forum is a community for Illinois residents to to get together and talk [...]

Low Life Spammers

Dealing with low life spammers on a daily basis is no fun. If you have a community website or a blog you know that low life spammers make administration harder [...]

4 Domains for Sale

I have put 4 domains up for sale. If you are interested in purchasing them contact me. The domains for sale are: - This would be a good domain [...]