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Getting Ready for Windows Server 2016

Since the reveal of Technical Preview 4 in November 2015, the anticipation and excitement surrounding the official release of Windows Server 2016 is growing [...]

Microsoft Isn’t Phoning Home in Windows Server 2016

With its recent release of the fourth technical preview of Windows Server 2016, Microsoft has proven its commitment to improving its server for both [...]

Schwarz Network is Back Online

Schwarz Network has re-opened the main site once again. It was hacked 2 years ago and after that I took the site offline. The reason it was hacked was because [...]

Forum SEO: vBulletin/vbSEO vs IPB with SEO URL’S

Brandon Sheley posted this on Twitter. I'm 95% certain I can get a vb+vbseo board to out rank an IPB forum with the same content & links. I was going to [...]

How to Increase PHP Performance

I needed to upgrade PHP on my servers. I run a mix of Windows 2008 and Windows 2003 servers using IIS. I had been doing quit a bit of research the last couple [...]

Howto: Converting from vBulletin to IP.Board

I am getting ready to convert Computer Help Forums from vBulletin to IPB. This is in a way a more complex change because the users use the album feature [...]

vBulletin 4 Gold Review: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I have one site running the new vBulletin Gold Suite. The site was closed so I decided it would be a perfect test bed. It had a few users and a few posts [...]

Review: vBulletin 4

If you've been following me @ twitter or on this site you know I am converting my sites slowly from vBulletin to IP.Board. I did upgrade one vBulletin license [...]

Converting from vBulletin to Invision Power Board

All my community sites are powered by vBulletin. I've been using vBulletin for 9 years. I was an early adopter after the mess that happened with UBB in the [...]

Don’t Buy vBulletin Skins From CompleteVB

Update: August 9TH, 2009 My access to download was restored by Matt. I don't know why it took so long to resolve this issue, but, I am glad it is over. I [...]