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Cisco Acquires Hybrid-Cloud App Management Specialist CliQr

Cisco is bulking up its hybrid cloud technology portfolio. The networking giant kicked off the month today by announcing that it is acquiring CliQr [...]

Single Signon – Unified Login System

I have enabled a single sign on application across most of the sites in the network. If you have an account on any of the following sites you will be able to [...]

Windows Server 2008 RTM

I recently installed Windows Server 2008 on one of my servers. I was part of the beta test and have installed all the beta versions of Windows 2008 although [...]

Just BS – The Ultimate Chat Forum Now Open

I'd like to take the time to promote a new community that I just opened. Just BS - The Ultimate Chat Forum is a community for people to engage in intelligent [...]

HP Debuts Water Cooled Server Platform

There was a time when water cooling was bleeding edge technology used by overclockers. It looks like HP is ready to bring it main stream into the the server [...]