Don’t Buy vBulletin Skins From CompleteVB

Update: August 9TH, 2009

My access to download was restored by Matt. I don’t know why it took so long to resolve this issue, but, I am glad it is over. I will continue to do business with them in the future. I have also terminated the dispute I had at Paypal.

It took a while and numerous PM’s and emails, but, in the end I got access to what I paid for and that makes me happy.

I have bought a few vbulletin skins from CompleteVB. CompleteVB has top quality designers. Unfortunately Matt the owner of CompleteVB doesn’t know how to conduct business in an honest way. I had been warned before I bought my first skin from them that CompleteVB was not to be trusted. I live by the rule once bitten, twice shy so I decided to go ahead and purchase from CompleteVB. I got what I paid for, cheap nice looking skins for my communities. Too bad all the skins still use many of the default vbulletin icons. Other than that they do look good once you correct the bugs in them.

I was looking for a dark skin for Just BS. CompleteVB had just released a new dark style. I decided to purchase it. I logged into the members area at CompleteVB and purchased the skin. This is when the nightmare began. After purchase I received the confirmation email. I clicked the link to activate the skin. I read about the new phone activation and filled in the form as required. My phone rang and I was supposed to get an activation number to put in the form. I got nothing. I tried it again. Again my phone rang and again no code. I tried one last time. This time the auto bot didn’t call. I sent a PM to Matt at CompleteVB to resolve the issue. Matt at CompleteVB told me I was a scammer and was using a proxy to bypass the activation. Matt at CompleteVB said it was my fault that I can’t download what I paid for and that it’s not his problem. I guess the credo the customer is always right doesn’t apply at CompleteVB. He insisted I am a scammer and don’t deserve a refund or access to the download. Matt at CompleteVB went on to remove my access to the other skins I previously purchased. So in effect I lost much more than the price of the one skin.

First off Matt at CompleteVB I have never used a proxy. I have never scammed anyone. I have a reputable reputation as being an honest and forthright person. I paid in good faith and instead of giving me what I purchased or a refund you told me my dispute at Paypal would be approved. This tells me, Matt at CompleteVB, that you have been down this road before screwing customers.

I have copies of the PM conversations to back up my claims. I won’t post them because they were private between me and Matt at CompleteVB. I unlike Matt at CompleteVB am an honest and reputable person.

Be warned do not do business with CompleteVB unless you want to be scammed.

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JAson S

Yes, its true.. I hate it, because they do not provide support at all… Even though it says on their buy page, 1 year free upgrade and support.. But themes are pretty…


What a unprofessional professional treatment!!!!

I was thinking to have a skin for Vb CMS from CompleteVB. Of course I’m not going to deal with them anymore.

Doesn’t Mr Matt understand that its suicidal for his business???


Same issues with no support and buggy themes – wish I had seen this before I bought from CompleteVB.