Low Life Spammers

Dealing with low life spammers on a daily basis is no fun. If you have a community website or a blog you know that low life spammers make administration harder than it has to be. Sure Akismet and captcha help. They just aren’t effective enough to catch all the spam a low life spammer spews.

I have been tracking and logging spam bots for a while. I classify a bot as a spam bot if it doesn’t follow robots.txt. I just started to track users that use these bots and I log IP, username and email address. What I am going to do is list these users and their information. I will keep the list updated so you can reference it and block these low life spammers. Check back here often to keep up to date with new additions to the low life spammer list.

Here is the low life spammer list. If you want to add to it post a comment on the low life spammer list page and I’ll add it.

The Low Life Spammer list was updated on March 18TH, 2009. New low life spammers added.

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