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Once upon a time in a land far away I owned the most popular visual basic programming forum. I sold that forum along with a start up Visual Studio programming forum. Since that time I went on to other ventures.

I always had it the back of my mind to open another programming forum.

Most of my sites are tech sites with the exception of a couple off topic forums. I just never could find the time needed to dedicate myself to nurturing a new programming community. You really need to be able answer the questions in the early stages and since I haven’t daddled in any code other than C and PHP over the last few years I didn’t want to undertake something I had not messed with since Visual Studio 2003 and since I sold the .Net forum.

I started to think more seriously about creating the new Microsoft .Net Forums after I remembered that I created the original .Net forum to not only replace the Visual Basic forum, Visual Basic was nearing end of life, but, also to learn .Net. First I decided to make the forum a part of Extreme VB and .Net which I transitioned to .Net a couple years back. I created the forum and the structure as a subdomain of Extreme VB and .Net.

I then went about consolidating some of my communities to streamline my network and had more or less forgot about the new forum. I closed it down because during my absence spammers had their way with it. I also didn’t like the fact that it was on a subdomain and not on it’s own. I had my eye on a couple domains and when the one that was my first choice became I available I bought it as soon as it appeared in my available list.

I used my last remaining vBulletin license and opened up the community. I did have an extra IPB license and I was going to use it, but, I have another community that is ready for conversion and it was already dedicated for it. Microsoft .Net Programming Forums will eventually be converted to IPB.

Without further ado I’d like to introduce everyone to Microsoft .Net Forums a community for .Net programmers to gather and share ideas and solve each others .Net programming problems. We can all learn together at Microsoft .Net Forums.

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