Schwarz Network is Back Online

Schwarz Network has re-opened the main site once again. It was hacked 2 years ago and after that I took the site offline. The reason it was hacked was because I was a couple versions behind on upgrades and one of the plugins was vulnerable. I caught the hack as it was happening, but, damage was done. I took the site offline as well as the server so I could make sure I understood the attack vector and to do a complete security audit.

I was going to put the site back online right away, but, at the time I was in the process of selling off all the sites and closing the network altogether. For the next 2 years I maintained one website as a hobby of sorts. I still have a passion for running forums although the passion lies in putting them online and keeping the servers maintained. I had lost interest in participating in the community discussions. In the last couple months I am finding myself posting more on a few communities that I have been a long time member of. I decided I’d get back into forums. I have bought a couple small sites over the last few months and find that I enjoy participating on forum again. I decided that is was also time to re-open the main Schwarz Network site so here we are.

I have a plan in place for this site. I have also re-opened the forum portion of this site. I also re-opened the forum portion of this at In the next couple weeks I will be installing BBPress here and importing the data from the forum and moving the site to here.

I have a whole bunch of updated and new articles ready to go. Windows/IIS has changed a lot over the last few years and I have new articles covering Windows Server 2012 as well as Windows Server 2016 which is scheduled for release this summer.

To the people that have been members here in the past and the new members that join in the future I would like to welcome back to Schwarz Network.

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