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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique employed by webmasters to get more traffic to the site.

Search engine optimization requires a careful keyword analysis and placing these keywords at proper places in the website. I am a professional SEO and in this article I will highlight few important SEO tips that you should follow in order to secure good search engine rankings.

(1) Page design: Don’t design a ‘frame based’ website.

(2) Targeted keyword research and selection: Go to the Overture tool and select the right keywords. Instead of using single words, try using keywords phrases. Focus on niche market. For instance, if you sell ‘antiques’, then instead of using ‘antiques’ as your keyword, use something like ‘ Italian antiques’ ‘brass antiques’ etc.

(3) Keywords density and placements: It is usually agreed that keywords must be placed at the top more than the bottom of the page. You can check the density of keywords using keyword density tool available online.

(4) Web log analysis: A very important parameter. Analyze your web logs carefully, know what pages are most read, which pages on your site have maximum exit, how much time visitors spent on your site and so on. This will help you understand importance of each page of your website. In turn, this will give you an idea as to which pages need development.

(5)Meta tags- h1 to h7, title, description etc: If you are not good at html, don’t worry too much. Fortunately there are many automatic Meta tag creator tools. Use one of these and put on your web pages.

(6) Image Optimization: Heard of “alt” tags ever? The alt tag is used to assign title and description for each image that is used on the website. Alt tag looks something like this: alt=” keywords of the webpage” title=”title of your site”

(7) Directory submissions: As soon as you have booked the domain, submit your site to as many online directories and SEs as possible.

(8) Viral Marketing: Don’t forget to tell your friends, family and relatives about your recent achievement!

(9) Link popularity: Link popularity is a measure of how famous your site is on the Internet. Think of inbound links as references to your site. The more the inbound links, higher your website’s page rank is. Try building links from high PR sites. You can either exchange links or build one way only. Either way it helps.

Primrose Gandhi is a Website Designer and SEO, helping businesses create an online presence.

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