News stories from around the internet that could be of interest to community or server admins.

Getting Ready for Windows Server 2016

Since the reveal of Technical Preview 4 in November 2015, the anticipation and excitement surrounding the official release of Windows Server 2016 is growing [...]

Just BS – The Ultimate Chat Forum Now Open

I'd like to take the time to promote a new community that I just opened. Just BS - The Ultimate Chat Forum is a community for people to engage in intelligent [...]

HP Debuts Water Cooled Server Platform

There was a time when water cooling was bleeding edge technology used by overclockers. It looks like HP is ready to bring it main stream into the the server [...]

Launch date set for redesigned IBM blades

IBM plans to unveil its second-generation BladeCenter on Feb. 8, CNET has learned, as it tries to keep its top spot in sales of thin but high-end [...]