Quick Tip: Adding mySQL and PHP to Your Windows Path

Here is a quick tip showing you how to add mySQL and PHP to your Windows Server path. Many people ask how to do this and while it is included in the Installing [...]

MySQL Server Privilege Escalation And Denial Of Service Vulnerabilities

Found this at SecurityFocus. MySQL is vulnerable to a couple new exploits. MySQL is prone to multiple vulnerabilities, including privilege-escalation and [...]

Password Protecting Directories on Windows Servers

Well it has been a while since I added any articles to the site. Before I get on with the article let me first announce that Schwarz Network has opened a forum [...]

HP Debuts Water Cooled Server Platform

There was a time when water cooling was bleeding edge technology used by overclockers. It looks like HP is ready to bring it main stream into the the server [...]

How to Assemble a PC for Use as a Home Server

This is an adaptation of How to Assemble a PC originally posted at Extreme Tech Support. It is always a good idea to have a server at home to test out new [...]

Backing Up Your Data With cwRsync and sync2nas

One of the most crucial tasks facing an admin is backing up your data. Many admins work very hard at keeping the servers running at peak performance and [...]