Windows Server 2008 RTM

I recently installed Windows Server 2008 on one of my servers. I was part of the beta test and have installed all the beta versions of Windows 2008 although they were used for bug reporting and as a learning tool. The server it is installed on is the final stop before installing on my live servers. So this is the final look before I upgrade all my servers to Windows Server 2008.

Also coming soon will be a Windows Server 2008 forum

In the upcoming days I will be adding articles about my experience setting up and configuring Windows Server 2008. Many tasks that I used to make my life easier are already included and only have to be installed and turned on. For one backing up the servers will be much easier.

For now I’ll post a screenshot of Windows Server 2008. This was taken after the initial install. This is a large screenshot, 1920×1200, so be aware of that before you open it.

Windows Server 2008

Look for more articles, tutorials, screenshots, tips and tricks in the near future. I will document each step of the way as I upgrade all my servers to Windows Server 2008.

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