Schwarz Network:

My name is Bob Schwarz. For 30 years I have had websites about various topics online. I decided I would add this site as a clearing house for information for the whole network. While Schwarz Network is new most of the sites in the network are well established. The topics of our sites vary widely. From soup to nuts you might say. There are tech sites, chat sites and personal sites. Lately I am focusing on adding new tech sites.

One of the newer sites is Computer Help Forum. This site will focus on all things tech related from computers to mobile phones and tablets..  While an infant it is gaining traffic every day.  The post count is low, but, stats show that an ever increasing number of people visit the site every day.

The very first site in my network was Extreme .Net Talk. It first went online in 1994. While it is the grand daddy of the network it is still the most popular. If you need programming help then it might be the site for you.

Why Schwarz Network you ask? I was having a hard time thinking of what name I should use for the network. Extreme whatever is over used in site names. Seems I started a trend when I named my first site. I was stuck and almost decided to call it Extreme Network of Sites. Since I couldn’t come up with a catchy name I decided to use my last name.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the sites or domains drop me an email. I will listen to any fair offer. I have sold a few sites and domains and will always entertain an offer.

I also offer software installs and windows server administration, troubleshooting and maintenance. If you need vBulletin, phpBB or any other forum software installed use the contact form to contact me. If you need your windows server setup contact me for a quote. I can install any software on your windows server that you need including php and mysql. I’ll do it the right way and will make sure mysql is tweaked for best performance.

Welcome to my network. I hope you find that what we offer is right for you.