About Admins Zone

Admins Zone is a resource for forum and server admins geared towards admins that run communities on Windows Servers and IIS.

You’ll find tutorials, tips and tricks to tweak your Windows server, howto’s and reviews of forum software packages.
There will be resources to help you migrate to a Windows server.
Upgrade instructions to keep the software you run up to date.

If you host your sites on Windows Servers using Apache instead of IIS you’re still welcome here. If you host your sites on Linux or Unix you’re welcome here. I didn’t always run Windows Servers. I had many Linux and Unix servers before I switched to Windows.

So browse the site, comment on the posts, drop me an email to suggest articles or register and submit your own articles. If you need one on one help stop by the forum, start a thread and I will be more than willing to help you.

Finally, welcome to Admins Zone.

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