New General Talk Forum – Closed

I recently, yesterday in fact, bought a database to a general discussion forum. It isn’t a large community. It’s perfect to start with though. It has 539 members and a little over 7,000 posts. The database was from a vbulletin 3.8.5 forum so I decided to use vbulletin 4 for this forum although I won’t rule out a future switch to IPB. I had bought the domain on speculation I would get the data. Turns out I got lucky there.

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Forum Admin Communities

I recently resigned my admin position from a popular admin community that will remain nameless in this post. The reason for that will be clear in the end. Since that time many things have been bothering me about these communities with the exception of one. They refuse to join in any sort of alliance with each other that could and more than likely would benefit them all. Instead each has there own variation of the rule that you can not link to other admin forums.

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Windows Server 2008 Forum Now Open

I recently opened, yesterday in fact, a new forum for Windows Server 2008 help, support and discussions. Once Windows Server 2008 is released to the public the new forum will be the place to discuss anything related to the new version of Windows Server.

When Windows Server 2008 is adopted by more people I will combine Admins Zone РResources for Forum Admins into the new forum to make a one stop shop for all your Windows Server needs.

Be one of the first to register at the new Windows Server 2008 Forum.

Why Most Forums Fail Within First Year Of Their Existence

If one goes to a webmasters forum, one would invariably come across threads from forum administrator on how bad their forum are performing, that no one wants to join them and old members are leaving or not posting as regularly as they used to.

While there are several reasons behind the sudden fall of a forum, I am going to discuss some of these issues in this two part article and tell you if your forum is destined to be a failure.

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