Updated: Extreme VB Closed, Domain Sold

Extreme VB is now closed and sold. It was and will always be the apple of my eye. I spent many years sharing the knowledge I obtained with many users. Once Visual Basic hit end of life it made less sense to keep the site open. Some Visual Basic programmers went onto the new Visual Studio .Net platforum and others, mainly the hobbyist like myself, either stopped programming or moved onto another platform. In my case I dove into php and sql.

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New General Talk Forum – Closed

I recently, yesterday in fact, bought a database to a general discussion forum. It isn’t a large community. It’s perfect to start with though. It has 539 members and a little over 7,000 posts. The database was from a vbulletin 3.8.5 forum so I decided to use vbulletin 4 for this forum although I won’t rule out a future switch to IPB. I had bought the domain on speculation I would get the data. Turns out I got lucky there.

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Microsoft .Net Programmers Forum

Once upon a time in a land far away I owned the most popular visual basic programming forum. I sold that forum along with a start up Visual Studio programming forum. Since that time I went on to other ventures.

I always had it the back of my mind to open another programming forum.

Most of my sites are tech sites with the exception of a couple off topic forums. I just never could find the time needed to dedicate myself to nurturing a new programming community. You really need to be able answer the questions in the early stages and since I haven’t daddled in any code other than C and PHP over the last few years I didn’t want to undertake something I had not messed with since Visual Studio 2003 and since I sold the .Net forum.

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Introducing Windows 8 Forums – CLOSED

Site is now closed.

I have added a new site to the technology network. The site will focus on Windows 8 which will be the next version of Windows after Windows 7.

Windows 8 Forums will follow the development of Windows 8 from the alpha stage, through the beta and RC stage all the way to RTM. Windows 8 is rumored to hit RTM sometime in 2012 which means the early alphas should start to appear any time now. At Windows 8 Forums we will post any build information complete with links to official downloads.

Why not register today and let us know what you would like to see in Windows 8.

Scribble Board is Born – CLOSED

I’m on a roll. I had an extra vbulletin license from a site I recently closed and decided to start a new community. Thus Scribble Board was born.

Scribble Board is a place to post your thoughts or ideas to share with others. No matter what the topic you’re welcome to post. It is easy to navigate and post if you’re in a hurry to get your thoughts out. No multiple forums to confuse you. You’ll never post in the wrong forum again. So why not visit Scribble Board and scribble your thoughts today?

Illinois Forum Opens – The Community for Illinois Residents to Chat

I just added Illinois Forum – Illinois Chat and Discussions to the network. Illinois Forum is a community for Illinois residents to to get together and talk about anything they like. The topics include sports, politics, entertainment and the arts. There is also a general discussion area and a chit chat area to get to know other Illinois residents.

If you’re a resident of Illinois or are planning to visit Illinois then stop by Illinois Forum and chat with other Illinois residents. If you’re not a resident of Illinois you’re still welcome to join in on the general discussions.