Updated: Extreme VB Closed, Domain Sold

Extreme VB is now closed and sold. It was and will always be the apple of my eye. I spent many years sharing the knowledge I obtained with many users. Once Visual Basic hit end of life it made less sense to keep the site open. Some Visual Basic programmers went onto the new Visual Studio .Net platforum and others, mainly the hobbyist like myself, either stopped programming or moved onto another platform. In my case I dove into php and sql.

The site was the first to offer a platform where users could interact with each other. This was before forums became the vogue. I was hosting the site on Windows Servers which had Frontpage extensions. I hacked up one of the scripts to create a comments section to use for user interaction. It became quite popular. So much so that I installed Matt Wrights wwwboard forum script for discussions. I never realized how popular this would become. Because of the popularity Visual Basic Forum was born using Ultimate Bulletin Board by Infopop. I had to continually optimize the scripts because of the amount of traffic the site had. Long story short I believe Extreme Visual Basic Forum was one of the first forum communities and one that lasted for over 20 year.

Extreme VB, the grand daddy of Schwarz Network is closing down. It was the first site I put online. The domain is 12 years old, but, the site itself is 15 years old. I just haven’t contributed to the site for many years. Most of the source code available on the site is old and outdated unless of course if you still program in Visual Basic 3 through Visual Basic 6.

The only content in the last few years have been user submitted tutorials and news articles when new .Net components or controls are released. I myself haven’t added any code for over 6 years. As I said the code archive is old and dated.

If someone wants the site database and all the source code I will zip it all up and give it to you. If there are no takers I will just upload it to this site and let anyone that wants it have it. If it does get put up for download I will remove all the user data so if you’re a spammer and reading this don’t expect to get any email address.

There is plenty of content in the articles and some of the source code could still be useful as a learning tool. The site itself gets 3 or 4 new articles that get approved every couple weeks. Traffic to the site is steady although not as many people visit like they did in it’s heyday.

While I am going to give all the content and database away I am selling the domain. The site has a tremendous amount of back links on some of the most reputable programming sites. It is also in the Yahoo directory and at one time was designated as the best programming site in it’s category. It also listed in Dmoz.  Since the domain is old and established it has built up respect in the programming community. It is the oldest still active visual basic programming site. All of the competitors from it’s heyday are either gone or no longer active.

If you are interested in buying the domain or want the content for free drop me an email. As far as price goes for the domain I will have it appraised and sell it for a reasonable price below top value.