Schwarz Network offers a wide variety of services. If you would like a price quote on any of the services offered contact me.

Schwarz Network offers the following service:

  • Site level software installation and upgrades. I can install or upgrade any web based software that you need. Be it vBulletin, phpBB or any other forum, CMS or blog software.
  • Server level software installation and upgrades. I can install or upgrade any software that is needed by the scripts you run.  If you need PHP, mysql or any other server level software upgrades or installs I can do it and do with minimum downtime for you or your users.
  • Forum conversion service. If you want to convert your forum from one software package to another I can do it for you and do it with minimal downtime for your users.
  • Server move service. If you need to move your site to a new server I can do it for you. I will do it in a way where your users will not even know the site was moved.

For people that run Windows Servers these services are also available along with the ones mentioned above:

  • Complete Windows Server management. If you have a Windows Server and don’t have the time to properly manage it I can do it for you. This includes monitoring the server for uptime and making sure all software is up to date. I will run a full security audit to make sure your Windows Server is always secure.
  • Setup a backup solution to make sure there is no data loss. I will setup batch files to perform incremental backups of all databases and website files. I can set these up in a way that all data is moved offsite, backup server will be needed for this feature, at whatever time intervals you choose.
  • Installation and configuration of PHP and mysql. I will not only install mysql the correct way, but, I will tweak it for best performance in a Windows environment.

This is a brief overview of services I offer. For price quotes or to discus exactly what service you need drop me an email. No matter what your needs I am sure I can accommodate you.

All work will be done in a timely fashion.