Batch File to Backup Your Windows Server Database

If you read Backing up Your Data with cwRsync and snyc2nas you learned how to send your data to an off site server. Now I’ll show you a couple ways to make incremental and dated zipped backups that you can store on your server to transfer with sync2nas or FTP the backup to your home box.

I’ll attach the batch files at the end of the post for those that don’t want to copy and paste the code. Now lets get started.

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Backing Up Your Data With cwRsync and sync2nas

One of the most crucial tasks facing an admin is backing up your data. Many admins work very hard at keeping the servers running at peak performance and keeping the software up to date. However, many forget the most important task. Backing up the data. Yes we all sometimes forget to do a daily data backup. I used to forget about backing up the data daily until one of the databases became corrupt and unusable. I had to roll back to data that was over a month old losing hundreds of users and thousands of posts. There are many automated tools to help us with the task. This article will explain how I use rsync for Windows and sync2nas to do a nightly backup of all my data.

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