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4 Domains for Sale – ALL SOLD

I have put 4 domains up for sale. If you are interested in purchasing them contact me.

The domains for sale are:

  • – This would be a good domain for an off topic or general chat community.
  • – Would be a good domain for a Microsoft help community.
  • – You could use this domain for a number of things. Usenet gateway for one.
  • – This domain could also be used as a Microsoft help community.

Contact me with your offer. I will sell all domains in one package or each separately.

Combating vBulletin Forum Post and PM Spam

One of the most frustrating jobs for any vBulletin forum admin or moderator is the never ending fight to stop post and PM spam. There are spambots that specifically target vBulletin forums. vBulletin has helped by adding Akismet spam protection, captcha protection, simple question and answer or reCaptcha to help combat post spam. This was effective until the vBulletin captcha was cracked. The Q&A, in my testing also doesn’t seem, to be effective. These are the measure I’ve taken to help combat the fight against spam.

To stop the post spam I use reCaptcha.  It seems to be the most effective against spambots, but, for the low life spammers that still do things manually even reCaptcha doesn’t help. The main purpose of these spammers is to get backlinks to their sites and services. What I did was create a new usergroup called Registered Members. The new group has the same privileges as the default Registered Users group.

Read on to see how to set up the registered users group and the new registered members group permissions to help combat vBulletin forum spam.

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Schwarz Network Opens

Schwarz Network officially opens it’s doors.

Schwarz Network is the brainchild of me, Bob Schwarz. I own a wide variety of sites and until now never had one place as a news hub to keep the visitors up to date. Our network consists of a wide variety of sites that cover a wide variety of topics.

Most sites are community oriented running vBulletin software for users to interact and share knowledge. Our sites range from technical like Computer Help Forums to off topic like Off Topic Forum and everything in between.

We also offer services to help get your own sites online. We offer server setups and Windows Server management as well as custom software installations.

Browse the site to check out all that Schwarz Network has to offer.