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Updated: Extreme VB Closed, Domain Sold

Extreme VB is now closed and sold. It was and will always be the apple of my eye. I spent many years sharing the knowledge I obtained with many users. Once Visual Basic hit end of life it made less sense to keep the site open. Some Visual Basic programmers went onto the new Visual Studio .Net platforum and others, mainly the hobbyist like myself, either stopped programming or moved onto another platform. In my case I dove into php and sql.

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4 Domains for Sale – ALL SOLD

I have put 4 domains up for sale. If you are interested in purchasing them contact me.

The domains for sale are:

  • – This would be a good domain for an off topic or general chat community.
  • – Would be a good domain for a Microsoft help community.
  • – You could use this domain for a number of things. Usenet gateway for one.
  • – This domain could also be used as a Microsoft help community.

Contact me with your offer. I will sell all domains in one package or each separately.