Batch File to Backup Your Windows Server Database

If you read Backing up Your Data with cwRsync and snyc2nas you learned how to send your data to an off site server. Now I’ll show you a couple ways to make incremental and dated zipped backups that you can store on your server to transfer with sync2nas or FTP the backup to your home box.

I’ll attach the batch files at the end of the post for those that don’t want to copy and paste the code. Now lets get started.

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MySQL Server Privilege Escalation And Denial Of Service Vulnerabilities

Found this at SecurityFocus. MySQL is vulnerable to a couple new exploits.

MySQL is prone to multiple vulnerabilities, including privilege-escalation and denial-of-service issues.

Exploiting the privilege-escalation vulnerability may allow attackers to perform certain actions with elevated privileges. Successful exploits of the denial-of-service issue will cause the database server to crash, denying service to legitimate users.

These issues affect versions prior to MySQL 5.0.52, MySQL 5.1.23, and MySQL 6.0.4.

To exploit these issues, attackers can use standard database client software in conjunction with standard operating system utilities.

The vendor released updates to address these issues. Please see the references for more information.
Note that MySQL 6.0.4 and 5.1.23 have not been released yet.

Upgrading PHP and MYSQL on Windows

This article will explain the easy way to upgrade PHP and MYSQL on Windows Servers. Easy if you followed my installing PHP and instaling MYSQL tutorials.

If you follow this procedure you can have PHP and MYSQL upgraded in less than an hour.

Of course that doesn’t include the time it takes to download PHP and MYSQL. I will assume you have them downloaded. Lets get started. We’ll upgrade MYSQL first.

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