Setting Up Windows Server 2003 DNS Server

Setting up DNS on Windows 2003 is an easy task. In this article will explain the steps to set up DNS on Windows 2003 in an easy to understand way. The first thing you need to do is to install the DNS module. To install the DNS snapin on Windows 2003 Standard or Enterprise Server click Start and select Manage You Server. Once the Wizard opens select Add or Remove a Roll. When the wizard is done checking your hardware it will popup a box that will list all rolls you can enable. Select DNS and follow along with the prompts. It’s pretty straight forward and easy to follow. Once installed you’ll see an option to configure a DNS server. This will open the DNS Manager and start the wizard to configure your DNS server. Once the DNS manager opens you can start to set up the zones for your websites. Lets get started.

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Upgrading PHP and MYSQL on Windows

This article will explain the easy way to upgrade PHP and MYSQL on Windows Servers. Easy if you followed my installing PHP and instaling MYSQL tutorials.

If you follow this procedure you can have PHP and MYSQL upgraded in less than an hour.

Of course that doesn’t include the time it takes to download PHP and MYSQL. I will assume you have them downloaded. Lets get started. We’ll upgrade MYSQL first.

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