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Windows Server 2008 Forum Now Open

I recently opened, yesterday in fact, a new forum for Windows Server 2008 help, support and discussions. Once Windows Server 2008 is released to the public the new forum will be the place to discuss anything related to the new version of Windows Server.

When Windows Server 2008 is adopted by more people I will combine Admins Zone РResources for Forum Admins into the new forum to make a one stop shop for all your Windows Server needs.

Be one of the first to register at the new Windows Server 2008 Forum.

Windows Server 2008 RTM

I recently installed Windows Server 2008 on one of my servers. I was part of the beta test and have installed all the beta versions of Windows 2008 although they were used for bug reporting and as a learning tool. The server it is installed on is the final stop before installing on my live servers. So this is the final look before I upgrade all my servers to Windows Server 2008.

Also coming soon will be a Windows Server 2008 forum

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Disabling DCOM Support in RPC Over HTTP in Windows Server 2003

I know this is an older exploit, but, my servers are still getting scanned for the vulnerability. It’s always better safe than sorry when dealing with anything that opens your Windows server up to an attack and possible compromise.

Read on to determine if RPC over HTTP is installed and if it is how to secure your server against any attack that exploits this vulnerability.

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Loading Saved Site Configuration into IIS

If you read Saving Site Configuration to File you’ll also want to know how to load that file back into your Windows Server running IIS. You can use the file to duplicate the site configuration on a development Windows server.

Use it when you move to another Windows server. You can even use it to load a new website so you don’t have to configure PHP or any other extensions or loadable modules. Keep in mind if you do want to load a new website to duplicate the configuration you’ll have to change the host headers and IP address assigned to the new site in Windows Server IIS manager.

Let’s get started.

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Batch File to Backup Your Windows Server Database

If you read Backing up Your Data with cwRsync and snyc2nas you learned how to send your data to an off site server. Now I’ll show you a couple ways to make incremental and dated zipped backups that you can store on your server to transfer with sync2nas or FTP the backup to your home box.

I’ll attach the batch files at the end of the post for those that don’t want to copy and paste the code. Now lets get started.

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Hard to Detect Exploit in the Wild

I posted this on a couple forums I frequent and thought I would also post it here. While I run Windows servers I keep up with all web server security. As an admin I couldn’t afford not too.

I am sure most of you by now know there is a LKM (Loadable Kernel Module) exploit that is nasty and hard as heck to clean.

Read this thread at Webhosting Talk. Make sure you read it through as there is a users there that has investigated several boxes.

The original story first broke a week or so ago at TheRegister and then again a couple days ago at TheChannelRegister.

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Password Protecting Directories on Windows Servers

Well it has been a while since I added any articles to the site. Before I get on with the article let me first announce that Schwarz Network has opened a forum for you to get help with your Windows Server problems.

You can find the forum at Windows Server Forums

Password protecting websites, directories and files on Windows 2003 Servers is very easy. It only takes a couple clicks and it’s done. For users to access the protected areas they’ll need to have an account on the server. There are ways to avoid this by using Passport authorization, but for this article we’ll use Integrated Windows authentication.

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