xenWebmaster – Resources for xenForo Admins

xenWebmaster is a community forum for forum admins to discuss xenForo. The community was first opened in January of 2016. It was closed due to illness in 2018. The site was reopened last week.

xenWebmaster offers free custom made xenForo styles. All the older version of styles that were available in the past were updated to be used on the newest version of xenForo which at present is 2.2.16.

The available styles are also being updated so they can be used with the newest release candidate version of xenForo which is xenForo 2.3 RC5.

Stop on by xenWebmaster and join the community. If you don’t use xenForo that’s OK. You can enjoy friendly conversation no matter what forum software you us.

You can find xenWebmaster at https://www.xenwebmaster.com.